Children in need


fighting against malnourishment

Reddish colored hair indicates not getting enough nourishment.   


other signs

Another sign of being malnourished is swollen body parts such as the face.


Swollen tummy's are also a sign of malnourishment.   This child was 3 years old and couldn't walk or stand, her hair was falling out and she was too weak to cry.


Begging for food

It is very common to see children begging on the streets


One meal a day

Many children only receive one meal a day and that is at the school feeding program.  We often hold Saturday Bible classes for the children so they get fed.


Mud cookies

Some children eat dirt or even cookies made from mud just to fill their tummys.   

Feeding Program


containers full of food

We are shipping food to be able to feed children and families


Peanut butter program

Good for you and tastes good too!  Think about having a peanut butter drive.  Collect peanut butter for our kids.


big smiles

seeing the happy smiles on children that are being fed regularly.  

Providing water


community well

a community well sits on the school property for the school children to have clean water to drink and also provides water for the neighbors


Raising funds for a purification system

This young man raised money through a school project to provide this purification system at one village.


transporting clean water

Children are taught at a young age to help carry precious water home for the family.