mobile clinic

We set up clinics in rural villages.  People come from many miles and wait in line for hours.   People of all ages are seen at the clinics.


We see many things that can be treated with what is normally found in a household medicine cabinet.   For illnesses needing more than that we go to the pharmacy and purchase medicines.   Medicines are always a welcome donation.  Most Haitians would struggle to buy any of these medicines.

More serious problems

We find cases where the person needs surgery.   If possible we try and arrange to have them treated.   Some times it just isn't possible.   

School exams

We like to check out the school children on a regular basis.

Earning trust

Not all of our patients are sure they are happy to see us!   

Visiting those too ill to come to us

Sometimes we are asked to come and visit someone that is too ill to come to clinic.