Sunday morning church

Church is being held in the school right now but it won't be long before we need a larger building.  New land has been purchased.

Jesus movie

Most of the children do not have electricity at their home so watching TV is a rare treat.    At Church they are watching the Jesus movie, eating popcorn, drinking juice and sitting with their best friends.  

Dreaming of a church building

Pastor Charles is sitting on our new property with a model of the Church he dreams of building. 

Children's chior

The children were preparing to be in a competition with other churches for their singing abilities.    

Programs at the Church

There are women's groups, Bible study groups, children's programs and Vacation Bible Schools.  

Prayer needed

Life is very difficult for most Haitians.  Much time is spent in prayer.  Will you join with them?

Fighting the Voodoo stronghold

Outside of a Voodoo temple

Inside of a Voodoo temple


This little girl had a Voodoo necklace made of bone placed on her by her mother to try to protect her and bring her good luck.   

A Voodoo Ceremony

Voodoo is very prevalent in Haiti.  It is difficult changing centuries of teaching and traditions.