Cottage Industries


Jewelry business

Young college age men make beads which they turn into jewelry.   They also make bags and sandals.   


Animal Project

The animal project starts a family off with 2 chickens.   This gives them eggs, more chickens and they can sell eggs and chicks at the market.   Once they do well with the chickens they are give a goat.  One lady saved enough that she has now bought herself a pig.  For $10 you can improve a families life!


Sewing Classes

Sewing classes help a lady learn a skill and be able to provide for her family.  



Several of the ladies have gone into business selling items such as food, hygiene products, jewelry  and their eggs and chickens from the animal project.  



This little guy loves to garden. Many of the people have small gardens to supplement their diets. 


Making Charcoal

Most people in Haiti cook with charcoal so producing and selling charcoal is a big business.