Noah's Animal Project

receiving a goat

How it works

A family is interviewed and and given a contract to sign.   They are started out with 2 chickens.   They must agree that the first batch of baby chicks will be turned back into the program.   Once they meet their obligation the chickens and eggs are theirs to keep.   

The next step

Those that do well with their chickens and meet the obligations of the contract are then rewarded with a goat.  They must agree that the 1st and 3rd baby goats will be returned to the program and the goat is theirs.   

Coming soon

After meeting with the families they have asked if we can start them with ducks and pigs also.  


Many of the families are now paying a small percentage of their school tuition, feeding their children meat and eggs and have enough to sell at market.   One lady did so well that she bought herself a pig!